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Cutera Coolglide Hair Removal

The Cutera Coolglide delivers a treatment that can be customized for different skin tones and aging skin conditions. The result is an exceptionally effective treatment with minimal discomfort

Safe for all skin types

-Not indicated for persons with a tattoo in the area being treated
-Not indicated for persons with Melasma or vitiligo
-Not for recent Accutane patients
-Not for persons with active cold sores in treatment area
-Not for persons with Active warts in treatment area
-Not indicated for persons using sun-tanning or using self-tanners up to 4 weeks prior to treatment

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What happens during a visit

What are the steps?

What happens during a visit

What to expect during treatment:

  • We discuss the process with you.
  • You complete the disclaimers.
  • We will apply your protective titanium eye goggles.
  • We will apply our protective eye wear.
  • A thin layer of ultrasound gel applied to area being treated.
  • Feels like a warm elastic band striking your skin.
  • You may smell burnt hair during the treatment.
  • We take off your goggles
  • We use ice rollers to decrease redness and swelling.
  • We will clean off the remaining ultrasound gel.
  • We apply a sun screen to your treated area.
  • We discuss after care.


What can I expect?


What to expect post treatment:

  • Minimal down time
  • Hair will start to fall out about 2 weeks post treatment.
  • Mild redness
  • Small red bumps around the hair follicle
  • Mild irritation
  • Mild swelling
  • Bruising (rare)
  • Blistering (rare)

Leading up to a treatment

How can I prepare?

Leading up to a treatment

Before your treatment:

  • Do not wear makeup on the day of treatment
  • Some medications or supplements may increase the risk bruising. Consult with your physician.
  • Avoid treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment (Chemical peels, or other aggressive treatments.)
  • You cannot pluck, or wax the area being treated for at least 4 weeks prior to your treatment
  • Do not use self-tanners on the area being treated for at least 3-4 week prior to treatment.


What should I be doing?



  • Avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen
  • Redness and perifollicular edema (looks like a rash/bug bites) are common and resolve with time
  • Bruising and swelling are less common but may occur and will resolve with time
  • Hair may take up to 2 weeks to fall out
  • Avoid heat – hot tubs, saunas, etc. for 1-2 days
  • Avoid skin irritants (examples below) a few days post-treatment
    • Products containing tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents, etc.
  • Do not wax or pluck between treatments
  • Notify clinic of any concerns (blistering, excessive redness/swelling, etc.)
  • Hair removal requires a series of treatments.  The number of treatments depends on body location and type of hair.

Youtube – Coolglide hair removal session 

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Published on Sep 4, 2013

Patient Treatment and Review of Cutera CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal Treatment performed at Refresh Laser Clinics, Sheffield.

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